Ohana Services​

* Medical billing and claims reconciliation.

* Long term care insurance coordination.

* Track paperwork and records.

* Social Security disability filing assistance.

* Help file insurance claims, dispute denials, 

   and manage or reduce your hospital and

   medical bills.

* Help find special services such as

   eldercare, in-home care, physical therapy,

   legal assistance, notary public and more.

* Free referrals to other advocate services.



Organizations, agencies, and other resources to guide you.

Health & Patient Advocacy

Advocate Services

Health and patient advocacy covers many areas. 




Pat Labez Muntz


OHANA -- "family" in Hawaiian --  is where my path to health and patient advocacy began. It is a road of many twists and turns, of roadblocks and detours, and one that brings immense satisfaction when I am able to help others.

In 1993, following the sudden loss of our father in Hawaii, my siblings and I realized our mother's painful deterioration and heartbreak of confronting Alzheimer's Disease. Since then, I was also thrust into the world of cancer, stroke, spinal stenosis, heart disease, and diabetes within my family alone.

The need to navigate an increasingly challenging healthcare system, sorting through and reconciling a myriad of medical bills and insurance claims, has given me empathy and a unique perspective and understanding  of these situations. Previously certified as an administrator for a residential care facility for the elderly has also equipped me in handling long term care needs.


When families are struck with a serious health condition, we want to be -- need to be -- at their side. Fear, uncertainty, doubt, guilt, and exhaustion can often take over what precious time we have. Let OHANA be YOUR advocate. 


T... for the Heart of the Family

​Phone:  917.817.8839      Email: [email protected]

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